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Day 21

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

It's been a really great week.

As soon as I cleared the kidney stones, I noticed things starting to turn around. Especially the last few days I have noticed my energy really picking up.

I haven't needed any pain meds this week at all, and my pain levels are now minimal. I do still have some pain - don't read on if you're squeamish - during the procedure they had to leave the most diseased part of my large intestine inside of me. Weird right? It's actually dangerous to remove when it's inflamed, so they leave it inside of me to scar off, and will be removed once it essentially dies. Because of this, I have significant pain a couple of times a day as the ulcers continue to bleed for now. It's a stark reminder of the pain I used to have, which had gotten to the point where it ate up hours of my day. Bag life is totally better for me. A few minutes a day I can handle.

Wins of the week:

  • multiple social outings - trivia, Barbie movie, pedicure, and getting out with my Dufferin Dirt Runners

  • 2km+ walks

  • Expanding my diet to include burgers, fries, and pizza (more on this in future posts, but my relationship with food has been strained and at times disordered over the last few years of living with my illness). I'm loving being able to reintroduce and indulge in some of the foods I love

  • Gaining 2lbs - over the course of the last few years I've lost about 20lbs and plan to gain it back

  • Daily steps up by 2000 steps a day, along with an increase in walking pace. I tried some jogging but my body told me I'm not ready for that quite yet

Loving my newfound energy and excited to see what the next week will bring.

xo E

Next up in Path to Healing: 4 Weeks Post Op

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I love your positivity! You are amazing. Hugs and love💕


I love reading your progress!

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