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6 Weeks Post Op

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

6 weeks - 6 pounds gained - stronger every day. Yesterday I went for a follow up with Dr. R (badass surgeon who performed my colectomy). He's very happy with everything, and cleared me to lift weights, provided I start light and build back slowly!

Tracking the progress

The pathology came back on my colon and the damage was severe - which really is what you WANT to hear after they have removed it. I also learned that the risk of cancer in the remaining portion of my colon (known as "the stump") is low, meaning there is less urgency to remove it (although it will need to be removed eventually). An extra surprise was that the pathology also mentioned appendicitis (side note: my appendix was removed because it is attached to the large intestine), however this is up for debate as Dr. R was a little skeptical. If it is true though, that would mean I had both appendicitis and kidney stones at the time of surgery. Classic.

The next steps are a referral to Mount Sinai to discuss plans for my future surgeries. However, since the urgency to remove "the stump" is low, right now the focus remains on feeling good and getting as strong as possible. It will be at least a year or two until any more surgeries are done.

Living with an ostomy is not easy right now. I've had some challenges as I learn and get used to my new normal. I am figuring it out, but some days are hard. Seeing my energy return and being able to do my favourite things again helps. In that sense, it's easy to feel grateful for my health.

Morning run with Kody and Jason

The best part of this week has been introducing running. I'm following coach Hannah's plan even though I am tempted to do more than prescribed. There is no way I plan on going backwards at this point, so I'm trusting the process.

Since the addition of speed walks two weeks ago, my cardio is beginning to improve after a year long downward trend.

Cardio turn around!

Throughout most of my illness I managed to keep up with running and lifting, but despite best efforts, my strength and cardio had been on a steady decline for the past year. Putting in the work while watching yourself getting slower and weaker is rough. To see things finally heading in the other (right) direction is really quite amazing.

Some highlights from the last few weeks were:

  • Participating in a beer themed yoga class with the Dufferin Dirt Runners

  • Going back to work part time

  • Being able to run at Track Tuesday again

  • Cheering on and stealing inspiration from friends at the Bruce Peninsula Multi-sport Race. Last year I participated in this race as I was heading into a flare. This year I couldn't bring myself to register because things felt too unstable with my health. Next year I'll be back in action.

  • Attending a fundraiser dinner for the Headwaters Hospital at the Mono Cliffs Inn with family and friends. $7000 was raised for the hospital!

xo E

Beer + yoga, does it get any better?

With sweaty buds at the BPMR finish line
Track Tuesday crew

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What a wonderful post Erica! So fantastic to read! So happy for you! ❤️

Erica Scobie
Erica Scobie
Aug 19, 2023
Replying to

Thank you Judy ❤️🙏🏻

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