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Move Well

With Erica Scobie

Client Centered Coaching

How I Can Help

Through 10 years of coaching experience I have learned that small actions repeated consistently lead to big results when practiced over days, weeks and years. I pride myself in creating strong partnerships with clients from diverse backgrounds. Some examples of clients I have experience working with are:


Aphasia, Apraxia, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, Crohn's and Colitis, Dementia, High Level Athletes, Joint Replacements, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoporosis, Parkinson's Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Traumatic Brain Injury.

I believe that fitness is for EVERYBODY. As a client you are always in the drivers seat. I'm here to supply you with the tools you need for success and to cheer you on while you achieve your goals.


As a team we will:  

1) IDENTIFY YOUR GOALS. Setting short and long term goals and knowing why they are important to you will be your foundation for change.

2) MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE. A thorough assessment and understanding of where you are now, your current lifestyle, interests and habits will help us to identify the areas that are already going well and where there is opportunity for positive change.

3) CREATE A PLAN OF ACTION. Together we will make a plan that will move you from where you are now, to where you want to be. I love small incremental changes that are attainable in the short term and sustainable for the long term. No extremes, no quick fixes.

4) APPROACH IT TOGETHER. Staying consistent and motivated when making a change can be challenging. That's where my coaching can make a real difference in helping you see your progress and to keep you on track daily, weekly and throughout a lifetime for long term success.  If the plan isn't working for you, we will try another approach until we find one that fits.

My Services

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