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Hi! I'm Erica,

My passion for fitness began in 2012 when I set out to solve challenges with chronic pain and support my mental health. Working with a coach and learning strategies to help myself was empowering and ignited a passion to help others build resilient, strong bodies and minds. I spent the next decade learning and building a career in the fitness industry.


When I'm not working with clients you can usually find me in nature - either in my gardens, hiking, trail running or nordic skiing with my partner Jason and our dog Kody.

In 2022 my world was turned upside down with the diagnosis of an auto-immune disease (ulcerative colitis). After 18 months of failed treatments, debilitating side effects and watching my health decline before my eyes it was time for another approach.


On July 7, 2023 I went through a total colectomy (removal of my large intestine). The surgery left me with an ileostomy (meaning my small intestine now exits through my abdomen and empties waste into a bag).

On many occasions throughout this journey I have found myself so grateful for my foundation of fitness which helped me cope through my hardest times.

This blog is a record of my journey and an opportunity to tell my story, in hopes of helping others who have found themselves on a similar path.

You will find the posts divided into 3 sections:

My Story - From diagnosis to colectomy: My 18-month journey with Ulcerative Colitis. Stories about failed meds, side effects, food and mental health

Path to Healing - My ongoing journey of recovery post colectomy

Ostomy Strong - coming soon

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